Fashion Icon: Giovanna Battaglia

Photographed innumerable times by the likes of Scott Schuman, Garance Dore, and many other renowned streetsyle photographers, Giovanna Battaglia has become the latest fashion icon thanks to her impeccable and sophisticated fashion sense.

The Italian fashion icon used to model for D&G and is currentlt the Editor of L’Uomo Vogue and a freelance stylist. Giovanna exudes femininity with every outfit that she wears. We have yet to see a photo of Giovanna wearing jeans and sneakers, and it is safe to say that the word casual doesn’t exist in her world.

The staples of her wardrobe seem to be ladylike dresses, pencil skirts, layer skirts, ruffled blouses, statement necklaces, tailored trousers, kitten heels, small or medium sized structured handbags and oversized round sunglasses. Instead of blindly following the runway trends like many models and celebrities so often do, Giovanna stays true to her style with elegance and class, setting herself apart from the rest of the fashion editors.

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Get the Look: Model Off-Duty

For a few years now, models have been garnering much attention for their casual and effortless off-duty looks. While most of us can’t afford to wear the outfits that models carry on the runways, we can try to replicate their off-duty looks and incorporate these into our everyday lives.

Below are a few pointers to achieve the model off-duty look…

Model Off-Duty Basics 

1. Layers: it really is all about the layers; this is the key for the model off-duty look. Scarves, jackets, cardigans and oversized tees all come together to give models a perfect disheveled, yet chic look. The idea is to mix different lengths together, bonus points if you use a structured military or utility jacket over a long cardigan.

2. Muted colors: the model off-duty look usually mixes some variation of black, gray, beige, nude, white and camel tones. By doing this, you prevent the layered look from looking too shabby and mismatched.

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Trend: Running Shoes

Earlier this year when I saw photos from Emma Roberts doning a pair of Nikes while she was running errands, I thought her choice was based primarily on comfort. After all, she was wearing a Chloe bag and the rest of her outfit didn’t seemto suggest that she was coming from the gym.

However, after seeing more and more pictures of celebs and even models wearing their beloved Nike sneakers while out and about, I started to think that maybe this would become part of a new trend. For most fashionistas, the thought of wearing running sneakers usually involves hitting the treadmill, but some stars are choosing to wear the sneakers as part of their stylish outfits.

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Fashion Icon: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

This Victoria’s Secret Angel is not only the latest bombshell to appear in the new Transformers sequel, alongside Shia LaBeouf, but she has also become the latest ‘It Girl‘ and fashion icon.

The British beauty is constantly being photographed by papparazzis, and thanks to her impeccable casual-chic style that incorporates boho and rocker elements, her pictures are splattered all over the fashion blogosphere. The model is often seen alongside her boyfriend actor Jason Statham.

Due to her new status as a fashion icon, Rosie is now being called ‘the next Kate Moss’, which is why we decided to post a roundup of her best outfits to date and let you guys decide for yourselves:

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Trend: The Return of The Floppy Hat

With fall approaching and the hippie trend reaching new heights, it’s no wonder the felt floppy hat has come back in style. Originally popularized by the likes of Brigitte Bardot and Faye Dunaway, and now worn by Blake Lively, Sienna Miller Vanessa Hudgens, Kate Moss and Nicole Richie, the floppy hat is everywhere to be seen. The floppy hat is a great transitional piece that will take you from summer to fall in no time.

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Trend: Upgrade the Sweatpant

Sweatpants? Yeah I know what you’re thinking, and no, I’m not discussing yoga fashion today. It turns out designers may have found out just how uncomfortable skinny jeans and high heels may be at times, and for that reason they decided to bring back the sweatpants. I know, the high heels are not gone yet (not that we want them to be), but at least the sweatpants will make our lives a little bit easier.

This fashion trend is definitely a tricky one. Worn with the right accessories the sweatpants look can make you look like the street-style girl of the moment, but if you get too comfortable you might end up looking like you just got out of the gym and tried to look decent enough to run your daily errands.

Because of this, I bring you some of the classiest sweatpants looks around, and from the looks of it, wearing a blazer is the easiest way to make the whole outfit look instantly polished

The Sweatpants + Blazer look:

This look is rather simple to achieve; all you need is: a blazer (preferably black), a white t-shirt and some neutral colored booties. This is without a doubt the easiest way to nail the sweatpants look without looking like you tried too hard.
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Shopping: Forever 21

This past week I wandered aimlessly through the mall, a look of disappointment painted in my face as I watched the price tags of the new arrivals at Bloomindale’s.

Sadly, I won’t be able to afford all the beautiful Tibi, Ella Moss, BCBG, Nanette Lepore and Diane Von Furstenberg pieces that I fantasize about until I graduate, get a real job and start making a decent amount of money. But for those of us college students who find ourselves in this situation, the salvation comes in the form of the ubiquitous bright plastic yellow bag that most teenagers and young women carry around the mall on a Sunday afternoon. Forever21 is the answer to our budget-conscious fashion prayers; and I am the answer to your “What do I pick out of this gazillion of clothes that will make me look remotely stylish?” prayers.

So sit down, relax, grab yourself a cup of tea and start reading how to get yourself out of fashion confusion and into “trendy fashion editor lookalike” status.

The Striped Dress

Aqua Cashmere Stripped Button-Back Dress


Fab Striped Dress



Fashion Alert: Madewell

If there is anything you should know about Madewell, is that it not only is J.Crew’s sister store, but it is actually full of stylish and effortlessly cool pieces which should bee added to any fashionista’s wardrobe as fall season approaches. Madewell is a slightly more affordable, less preppy and more trendy version of J.Crew. Although I wasn’t very drawn to the store initially, after subscribing to their email newsletter and receiving their emails I have come to realize that they have really stepped up their styling choices and the clothing that they sell.

Here are some of their best pieces:

The Slouch Sweatpants, $49.50

The Buckled Biker Boot $248

The Borrowed-from-the-boys Shimmer Blazer, $178

The Art of The Blouse

I have always had a love/hate relationship with blouses. They are so delicate looking, yet so high maintenance (read: dry clean), so alluring yet so expensive (usually); and you have to be careful not to wear your favorite blouse too often or it will be noticeable (or at least more so than if you were wearing your basic tees).

Nevertheless, a blouse can liven up an outfit and give it an undeniable touch of femininity. Blouses can be worn for the office, for a casual weekend outing with the friends, for a fancy dinner with the parents, and they even can save you when you have a dressy event to attend and you’re clueless as to what to wear.

Perhaps because it is because of this that recently started sending its usual newsletter sponsoring “Equipment”, a new French brand which is trying to reinvent and bring back the blouse into our wardrobes. Take a cue: blouses aren’t for “older women” or “secretaries” anymore.

The blouse is an art, and quite possibly my favorite piece of an outfit. Because of this reason I decided to post some of my favorite blouses out there and show you how a blouse is more than capable of being a versatile, stylish and wearable piece, regardless of the occasion.

Blouses for college:

Go for the more simple ones you can find, preferably sleeveless or with short sleeves. These will look great paired with your casual jeans and some flats, along with your iPod and your books.


Trend: The Statement Necklace

Oh, the old statement necklace! Few things in life will make a women look as glamorous and put together as a great statement necklace, gracing her neckline and drawing attention to her neck and her décolletage .

Although the statement necklace is making a comeback as a trend, I think it should be considered as timeless as the ‘LBD’. This is an accessory which can successfully make a simple t-shirt and jeans outfit stand out from the crowd.

Especially now in the heat of summer, statement necklaces prove to be a great alternative which will undoubtedly make you look professional and polished while allowing you to breathe without having to wear suffocating blouses and/or the traditional blazer.

Speaking from a college student’s point of view, (one who has just started an internship, mind you), an extravagant and elegant necklace can prevent you from having to buy tons of new shirts or professional tops to wear to work. By having four basic tops and four statement necklaces, you will be able to have a versatile wardrobe by varying the outfit combinations while getting compliments on your original necklace!

The statement necklaces can be found at any price range. Here are some of my favorite options: