Trend: Upgrade the Sweatpant

Sweatpants? Yeah I know what you’re thinking, and no, I’m not discussing yoga fashion today. It turns out designers may have found out just how uncomfortable skinny jeans and high heels may be at times, and for that reason they decided to bring back the sweatpants. I know, the high heels are not gone yet (not that we want them to be), but at least the sweatpants will make our lives a little bit easier.

This fashion trend is definitely a tricky one. Worn with the right accessories the sweatpants look can make you look like the street-style girl of the moment, but if you get too comfortable you might end up looking like you just got out of the gym and tried to look decent enough to run your daily errands.

Because of this, I bring you some of the classiest sweatpants looks around, and from the looks of it, wearing a blazer is the easiest way to make the whole outfit look instantly polished

The Sweatpants + Blazer look:

This look is rather simple to achieve; all you need is: a blazer (preferably black), a white t-shirt and some neutral colored booties. This is without a doubt the easiest way to nail the sweatpants look without looking like you tried too hard.

The Sweatpants + Pattern look


This look is for more daring girls; here the sweatpants take a step back and the colorful patterns in the blazer and the scarf take the lead. This look can be achieved as long as the sweatpants are a muted color and somehow match the patterns used in the rest of the outfit. In spite of the fact that the boots are on the hardcore rocker-y side, the blazer and the scarf are more on the sweet romantic pastel-colored vibe and the sweatpants have more of a sporty vibe, it still works. How does it work? Well, first the color of the sweatpants is similar to some of the tones in the blazer and the t-shirt and second, the boots manage to fit into this whole outfit because they match the black of the belt and the silver of the handbag. This look is pure brilliance.



The Colored Sweatpants look


This is a daring look as well. Here the sweatpants are an unusually pastel kind of blue; however, what saves this outfit from looking like it was taken out from the Victoria Secret’s PINK catalog, is the fact that they matched the sweatpants with a very modern top which gives the outfit a trendy vibe, and which in turn matches the hardcore ankle boots that the model wears. Fashion is all about balance, this look is not too bland, not too aggressive, and that is why it works.


The Sweatpants + Trench look



For those of you lucky ones who don’t have to suffer a scorchingly hot summer like me, the sweatpants and trench look might just be the answer. The good thing about sweatpants is it allows you to layer pants without it actually showing; however try not to exaggerate or it might look a little weird. Here the trick is to keep the neutral colors and let the boots and the trench make the statement, which allows the sweatpants to blend in.



The sweatpants look usually works as long as the sweatpants are not the main piece in the wardrobe. In order for this happen it is better to shop for a gray, beige or pastel colored sweatpants and use your wardrobe to work around it and add some more color with a blazer or a scarf


What’s your opinion on this new trend? Let me know how you would wear it and what your opinion is on the current sweatpants trend?


Till next time!




Images: 1. Gastro Chic blog, 2. Garance Dore, 3. The Stylista Diaries, 4. (3.1 Phillip Lim), 5. Refinery29 (Isabel Marant)



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