Trend: The Statement Necklace

Oh, the old statement necklace! Few things in life will make a women look as glamorous and put together as a great statement necklace, gracing her neckline and drawing attention to her neck and her décolletage .

Although the statement necklace is making a comeback as a trend, I think it should be considered as timeless as the ‘LBD’. This is an accessory which can successfully make a simple t-shirt and jeans outfit stand out from the crowd.

Especially now in the heat of summer, statement necklaces prove to be a great alternative which will undoubtedly make you look professional and polished while allowing you to breathe without having to wear suffocating blouses and/or the traditional blazer.

Speaking from a college student’s point of view, (one who has just started an internship, mind you), an extravagant and elegant necklace can prevent you from having to buy tons of new shirts or professional tops to wear to work. By having four basic tops and four statement necklaces, you will be able to have a versatile wardrobe by varying the outfit combinations while getting compliments on your original necklace!

The statement necklaces can be found at any price range. Here are some of my favorite options:


Forever21 Floral Pearlescent Necklace, $12.80

Betsey Johnson Leopard Bow Statement Necklace, $110.

Kate Spade, ‘Lorelei’ Statement Necklace, $275.

Forever21 Jeweled Damsel Necklace , $ 9.80.

Juicy Couture Beaded Bib Necklace, $148.

Image credits: Collage made with images from HARPERS BAZAAR, Love it on a budget blog, We like fashion blog, My Charleston Fashion blog, Culturistas blog, and Style La Mimi blog.


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