Trend: Running Shoes

Earlier this year when I saw photos from Emma Roberts doning a pair of Nikes while she was running errands, I thought her choice was based primarily on comfort. After all, she was wearing a Chloe bag and the rest of her outfit didn’t seemto suggest that she was coming from the gym.

However, after seeing more and more pictures of celebs and even models wearing their beloved Nike sneakers while out and about, I started to think that maybe this would become part of a new trend. For most fashionistas, the thought of wearing running sneakers usually involves hitting the treadmill, but some stars are choosing to wear the sneakers as part of their stylish outfits.





















For those who want to incorporate this trend into their wardrobe, the trick is to use the colors to your advantage. Matching  the neon color of the sneakers to the rest of the outfit ensures that you will look put together and it won’t seem like you wore your running shoes by mistake.




Here are some great options for those of you want to follow this trend:









1. Nike Oceania $32


2. Nike Women’s Eclipse II Sneaker $44.94


3. Nike Women’s Oceania Sneaker $49.94


4. Topshop Tune Blush Patent Toe Canvas High Top Trainers $50


5  Nike Women’s Eclipse II Sneaker $59.95


6. Reebok Classic Leather Ultralite Sneakers $70


7. Nike Women’s Lunarglide +3 Sneakers $100




Images: The Vogue Diaries, StyleScrapbook,




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