Trend: Neon for summer


Neon seems to be making a comeback into the collections of many designers this summer. Now, I will start by saying that I’m not the biggest fan of neon at all. I usually think it looks cheap and immature.

However, this weekend during my usual stroll through the mall I decided to give it a try as I watched some mannequins beautifully dressed in khakis, beige and military

colors -with a pop of neon, that is!

When worn with a fairly neutral outfit, neon pieces can actually look stylish and classy. Just look at the pictures from the Teen Vogue catalog, the outfit looks exquisite and yet, the neon pieces add some edge and attitude to the whole look.

I would caution against wearing neon on neon, as this can be very hard to style, and the colors may make you looked washed out. But with an impeccable face of makeup and the right (and polished) hairstyle, neon on neon can look just as classy as a black and white outfit.

If you are still wary of trying this trend, I would advise you to get some simple neon colored sandals, which are all the rage this summer (the last time I checked, Sam Edelman, J.Crew and Steve Madden made some cute neon sandals). Or you could also get an accessory, such as a bright scarf or a neon watch as well, which would add some spice to the outfit without making you the center of any unwanted attention.

What’s your take on the neon trend? Would you wear it? Tacky or stylish? Let me know in the comments section how you would wear this trend.

‘Till next time, fellow readers! 🙂

Image credits: 1. 2. 3: Teen Vogue, 4. ModaOnLive, 5.Perfectnika’s Weblog, 6. Davis By Ruthie Davis Ronan Gladiator Sandals, (available at Forward by Revolve); F-Troupe Canvas Ankle Strap Flats, (available at Creatures of Comfort); J. Crew Dauphine Neon Sandals, (available at J. Crew.)


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