The Art of The Blouse

I have always had a love/hate relationship with blouses. They are so delicate looking, yet so high maintenance (read: dry clean), so alluring yet so expensive (usually); and you have to be careful not to wear your favorite blouse too often or it will be noticeable (or at least more so than if you were wearing your basic tees).

Nevertheless, a blouse can liven up an outfit and give it an undeniable touch of femininity. Blouses can be worn for the office, for a casual weekend outing with the friends, for a fancy dinner with the parents, and they even can save you when you have a dressy event to attend and you’re clueless as to what to wear.

Perhaps because it is because of this that recently started sending its usual newsletter sponsoring “Equipment”, a new French brand which is trying to reinvent and bring back the blouse into our wardrobes. Take a cue: blouses aren’t for “older women” or “secretaries” anymore.

The blouse is an art, and quite possibly my favorite piece of an outfit. Because of this reason I decided to post some of my favorite blouses out there and show you how a blouse is more than capable of being a versatile, stylish and wearable piece, regardless of the occasion.

Blouses for college:

Go for the more simple ones you can find, preferably sleeveless or with short sleeves. These will look great paired with your casual jeans and some flats, along with your iPod and your books.


Blouses for the office:

For the office you can’t go wrong with a ‘pussy-bow’ blouse, this is the ultimate office appropriate blouse. Additionally, when shopping for blouses, keep in mind that it’s preferable to wear blouses that are not too tight, and that have long sleeves or 3/4 sleeves, and most importantly, that cover your décolletage. However, if you do buy a sleeveless blouse (such as the one above), make sure to bring a cardigan too. I usually prefer to give my office attire some pizazz by wearing right blouses, but be careful of your dress code policies if you do decide to get creative with your outfit.

Blouses for a night out:

For a night out you can go crazy and express your unique style. From edgy, to ladylike, to classic, the options are endless.

So next time you go shopping for tops, keep in mind how much a blouse can actually upgrade your wardrobe.

‘Till next time!

Image credits: 1.; 2. (From left to right) J.Crew Bettina Cami $79.50, Motel Geo Line Button Blouse Playsuit $40.43 (available at ASOS), Filtre Tiered Tank $44.90 (available at Nordstroms); 3. Ann Taylor Urban Animal Print Shirt $78, Lili Pussybow Blouse (picture from The Sydney Morning Herald), Milly Chantelle Dot Lace Blouse $245 (available at Bloomingdales); 4. Gemma Snakeskin-Print Silk Blouse $180 (available at Bloomingdales), ASOS Cropped Scallop Edge Blouse $42.11 (available at ASOS), Soft Joie Garland Off-The-Shoulder Ruffle Blouse $68 (available at Bloomingdales).


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