Get the Look: Model Off-Duty

For a few years now, models have been garnering much attention for their casual and effortless off-duty looks. While most of us can’t afford to wear the outfits that models carry on the runways, we can try to replicate their off-duty looks and incorporate these into our everyday lives.

Below are a few pointers to achieve the model off-duty look…

Model Off-Duty Basics 

1. Layers: it really is all about the layers; this is the key for the model off-duty look. Scarves, jackets, cardigans and oversized tees all come together to give models a perfect disheveled, yet chic look. The idea is to mix different lengths together, bonus points if you use a structured military or utility jacket over a long cardigan.

2. Muted colors: the model off-duty look usually mixes some variation of black, gray, beige, nude, white and camel tones. By doing this, you prevent the layered look from looking too shabby and mismatched.















3. Comfortable shoes: another key to pulling off the model off-duty look is incorporating comfortable but edgy shoes into the outfit. Low or flat-heeled biker boots, combat boots, converses, sneakers and ballet flats are more than welcome, especially if they are black. The model off-duty look is casual and easy going, not pretentious, so stay away from 5 inch high heels.




4. Easy hair: up in a messy bun, in a braid or down, the model off-duty doesn’t carry around a complicated hair-do. The easy going look is reinforced by letting your hair’s natural texture show, and even if the hair is blow-dried it is never forced into a rigid hairstyle.















5. Sunglasses: sunglasses add a playful note to the casual model off-duty look. Here you can incorporate more color and wear red or neon sunglasses, especially during the summer time. Models normally wear the iconic RayBan aviators, or the Wayfarers usually in black or in a leopard pattern.






6. Black oversized bag: the black oversized bag pulls the model off-duty look together. Models tote around their entire lives with them inside their purses, so an oversized bag is more than necessary. Totes, hobos, satchels, and even the now trendy backpacks are all welcome as long as they are black or dark colored. Even the most casual outfit looks sophisticated once a black leather bag is added to the mix.












Images: The Sartorialist, StreetFS, Hanneli, AltamiraNYC.




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