Fashion Alert: Madewell

If there is anything you should know about Madewell, is that it not only is J.Crew’s sister store, but it is actually full of stylish and effortlessly cool pieces which should bee added to any fashionista’s wardrobe as fall season approaches. Madewell is a slightly more affordable, less preppy and more trendy version of J.Crew. Although I wasn’t very drawn to the store initially, after subscribing to their email newsletter and receiving their emails I have come to realize that they have really stepped up their styling choices and the clothing that they sell.

Here are some of their best pieces:

The Slouch Sweatpants, $49.50

The Buckled Biker Boot $248

The Borrowed-from-the-boys Shimmer Blazer, $178



The Sea Stripes Tee, $45


I love the styling and the way they put the pieces together; and while the price range might still be a little out of reach for a college student’s budget I believe it is worth it to spend on a couple of key pieces and pair them with some more affordable pieces from Forever21 or thrift stores. In this case I would recommend to invest in the blazer, since I already own a very similar blazer (from Urban Outfitters) and I have worn it to every imaginable event that I have had to attend, proving just how versatile a gray blazer can be. As for the quality of the Madewell clothing, I have heard some mixed reviews but I would give it a try if I had a store near my area.

Let me know what you think if the new and revamped Madewell and what’s your opinion on their new collection in the comments section.

‘Till next time!








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